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About the RUSIDSS of Australia:

The Royal United Services Institute of Australia now has a new name and a new structure.  From 1 July 2016, it has become the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies - Australia Ltd, or in short: RUSIDSS-A. In some cases, we will continue to use the old, shorter name of Royal United Services Institute for Australia, for example on the crest.  Its aim continues to be promoting informed debate on Defence and wider Security matters. 

The Institute is grateful to receive funding and other valued support from the Department of Defence in this mission.  We also receive financial support from our National Sponsor Rolls-Royce.

RUSIDSS-A is a federation of independently constituted state and territory chapters, headquartered in Canberra, ACT. It is a non-profit organisation registered with the ACNC and a Company limited by Guarantee managed by ASIC. It provides educational, research and related services through its library services, website, journals and periodicals, regular presentations, conferences and seminars and visits to military installations. It has a long tradition of serving the community by promoting a better understanding of defence and national security.  This includes an understanding of Australian defence strategy, contemporary and historic conflict, developments in military science and technology and all aspects of defence and security as they relate to Australia now and into the future. It has several thousand members in all states and the ACT and include serving and retired members of the Australian Defence Force and other interested in defence and national security.

Membership is open to all who have an interest in national security and defence.  Members join one of the constituent Bodies, and can do so through this website, or directly with one of the state bodies.  State bodies conduct an extesive program of guest speaker presentations and other activities.

National President's Message:

Rear Admiral Simon Cullen AM CSC (Retd)

I am pleased to have been elected to serve as the new National President of RUSIDSS-A and the first Chairman of its Board.    We have a proud tradition of serving the defence and national security community in terms of promoting non-partisan and constructive debate, and we will build on this tradition as we extend our operations at national and state levels, and work to achieve new efficiencies and capabilities.

RUSIDSS-A has now commenced operation as a new company with an independent Board, focused on developing our organisation to better fulfil its aim of promoting public debate on the important topics of national security and defence.   At National and State levels we are embarking on a busy program of activities, delivering value for stakeholders, and modelling best-practice governance.  We are now registered with ASIC as a not-for-profit charitable and educational organisation in the structure of a company-limited by guarantee.   The constituent bodies of the organisation are the members of the new company, and we continue to retain our charitable status. We remain grateful for the ongoing support of the Department of Defence. 

We have a strong program of activities in place now, and will develop more in the near future.   We are well-regarded for our independent stance and will continue to enhance this reputation.  We are very well-supported in the political, academic, and government circles and attract first-class speakers who provide members and the wider community with trusted commentary.  We face an exciting future, and I encourage all with an interest in defence and national security issues to spend time on our website, or attend one or more of our presentations and seminars in a capital city close to you.



RUSIDSS-A is now well on its way in implementing governance reform of the national body.   Governance changes centre on:

  • An independent Board replacing the previous National Council, with the Board being elected by the RUSIDSS-A CBs.  This Board will set RUSIDSS-A's strategy and oversee its governance and operations.
  • The CBs will be the only members of RUSIDSS-A and will vote at meetings of the national body.  State and Territory Presidents (or other nominated representatives) will meet at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to consider the company's annual report and any other business, and to elect directors.
  • The Chairman of the board, who will also be known as the National President, will chair the AGM.
  • We will retain our federated structure – a national body, and seven CBs - there is no intention that RUSIDSS-A will become a unitary national company.  So all CBs retain their independence.

Please contact your state or territory President (see the state pages for details) if you have any questions or send an email to the webmaster and we will pass on your message.  

You can download a copy of the new constitution here: Constitution dated 06 May 2016 (RUSIDSS-A).pdf

New Company:

  • The new company is registered with ASIC as a CLG, with its ABN to be issued soon.
  • The new Board has formally met on: 30 June, 25 July, 22 August 2016.

You can download details of nominations for the proposed Board here: Board BIOs.docx

RUSI of NSW Monthly Newsletter

RUSI of NSW generates a monthly Newsletter for RUSI NSW Members and non-members. We are now offering this to visitors to the national website. Back copies will be made available in the future. Contact 02 9393 2325/ for more information.

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Peter McDermott, Company Secretary RUSIDSS-A.

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The RUSIDSS-A of Australia gratefully acknowledges the support of the Department of Defence for its continuing assistance.

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Our major sponsor, Rolls-Royce Australia, underwrites the production of this website.

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